people: pinko communoids believe in the people, especially the disenfranchised people

Pinko Communoids is an improvisational trio based in Charlottesville, Virginia. The trio consists of Carey Sargent, Kevin Parks, and Wendy Hsu. We create both free and structured improvisations using conventional instruments including guitars, accordions and percussion, found objects, circuits, microphones, and other electronics. We enjoy the quiet interplay of small sounds and often employ a restrained sonic palette of diverse timbres. Though we like occasional loud cathartic noisy workouts, we play at appropriate volumes and always invite our audience to savor our sounds without ear plugs. Our recent explorations have led us to investigate aspects of tuning and timbre and the relationship between the two.

Since forming in 2006, Pinko Communoids have given over 30 performances both locally and abroad, including a tour of Taiwan's major cities in Summer 2007. We have been on 804noise showcases, Red Room, COMA @ ABC No Rio), Sonic Circuits, Noise in the System, Technosonics, and other concert series. We helped curate a series entitled Audio January and Audio February at The Bridge PAI in Charlottesville VA. Our music has been featured on radio shows such as Noise Solution and Ghost Don't Walk, and at Harold Golen Gallery in Miami, FL.

Pinko Communoids have collaborated with artists including Jonathan Zorn, Kenneth Yates (Caustic Castle), Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (of 12 Dog Cycle), Aurie Hsu, Lee Alter (watercolorist), and Chia Chi Charlie Chang (photographer/videographer).

We aim to bring together community improvisers and noise musicians through organizing performances, workshops, and events with organizations and venues such as WeArts , and The Bridge PAI and we also promote translocal and international exchange through 804noise and HzCollective, organizing shows for touring artists such as Arturas Bumsteinas (Warsaw, Poland), Antanas Jasenka (Lithuania), Cheapmachines (UK), Iris Garrelfs (UK), Jeff Surak/Violet (Washington D.C.), Rachel Thompson (San Diego, CA), Andy Hayleck (Baltimore, MD), Kioku (NewYork, NY), Vslykon (Oakland/Tokyo), aka Dang (Baltimore), Sadjeljko (New York, NY), Harmstryker (Richmond, VA), and others.

Pinko Communoids like to collaborate with other artists across mediums. We have compiled a list of pinko friends.


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